With the popular of high building construction, concrete pump trailer quickly occupied the major construction site with its convenience and high efficiency advantages. They are the favor of construction project, so concrete pump trailer must have characteristics than other equipment. What are the characteristics of trailer concrete pump? Go on reading, you will find the answer!
concrete pump trailer
1. High degree of mechanization, less need for the labor, construction organization is simple.
2. Concrete transport and pouring operations are continuous, high construction efficiency, short project progress.
3. Pumping technology requirements on the concrete quality are more stringent, it can be said that pumping is a quality inspection of concrete, and because the pumping is continuous, in the process of pumping, concrete is not easy to segregation, the slump loss is not large, so it is easy to ensure the quality of the project.
4. Safe operation can reduce the risk of construction process.
5. Adaptable to the construction work, operation range is wide, concrete pipelines can be laid to other place difficult to reach, also make concrete under a certain pressure filling pouring in place, you can also use the pump in series to increase transport distance to meet a variety of construction requirements.
6. Interference with other construction machinery is mutual, when pumping concrete, other construction operations can be done around the pipeline.
7. Under normal pumping conditions, the transport of concrete in the pipeline will not pollute the environment, in line with environmental requirements.

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