Common Failures of Powder Tank in Concrete Mixing Plant

The powder tank is a silo for storing powdery materials of a concrete mixing plant, mainly storing cement, fly ash, mineral powder, dry powder additives, etc. There are also many types of powder tanks, which can meet the needs of different situations, but there are some faults when using the powder tank. How should it be solved?

The reason for the ash getting out of the top of the powder tank is that the filter element of the dust collector is clogged. When the powder is pumped, the pressure inside the powder tank rises. If it rises to the adjustment pressure of the tank top safety pressure valve, the safety valve opens and the ash is grayed out. The gas ran out of the safety valve, causing ash to get out of the top of the tank. Therefore, the tank top dust collector vibrator can be started for 1~2 minutes before the powder is pumped, and the dust on the dust filter element can be shaken off.

concrete mixing plant silos

The reason for the problem of the roof of the concrete mixing plant powder silo is that when the material is loaded, the filter element of the dust collector is clogged, the pressure safety valve fails, the pressure in the chamber rises, and the weak part of the roof is deformed or destroyed by the high pressure. To solve such problems, it is necessary to frequently maintain accessories such as dust collectors and pressure safety valves.

The failure of the powder level gauge is because the level gauge itself generally does not have failures. The fault is mainly caused by the rotating blades of the level gauge, and there is cement agglomeration. The cause of the agglomeration may be the leakage of the roof or the wall of the warehouse. This causes the cement to agglomerate on the blade, and blocks the rotating blade. To solve the failure of the level gauge, you should always check the sealing condition of the powder bin of the concrete batching plant.