The basic installation of concrete batching plant

To a concrete batching plant invest project, the choosing of concrete batching plant is the first step, then after purchase a set of concrete mixing plant, the installation is the significant step followed. As we have know, the installation of a concrete batching plant involved 8 aspects: Concrete Mixer and metering system, Cement silos and screw conveyors, Aggregate delivery system, Aggregate Ingredients, Water supply system, Air supply system, Additive Additive System and Electrical System.

concrete batching plant

Today, the topic is about the installation of concrete mixer and metering system. And the installation can be divided into 5 aspects.

1. The acceptance and surface treatment on the basic before installation is needed, the basic is required to find the leveling, crossed, vertical degree, flatness error ≤ ± 0.5mm, diagonal error ≤ ± 4mm, embedded parts without residual concrete and welding slag.

2. The installation of the engine room column, requiring the upper surface of the standard elevation error ≤ ± 3mm, axis, diagonal level error ≤ ± 3mm, the engine room stand scaffolding should be temporary fixed before the embedded bolt hole secondary grouting.

3. The structure of the first layer platform need overall hoisting (including mixer, the main gear reducer, the main motor), with the bolt hole positioning, until all the bolts and parts of the connection pin are installed, the crane can be hook.

4. The second layer platform structure need overall hoisting (including: hopper, cement scales, water scales, additive scale), until all the bolts and parts of the connection pin is completed after the installation, the crane can be loose hook.

5. The first and second layer platform of the mixer need to install the maintenance platform.


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