Concrete trailer pump also named as trailer concrete pump, Haomei Machinery supply HBT seriesconcrete trailer pumps for sale. The capacity mainly from 30 to 120 m3/h and the pressure from 5 to 20 MPa, which can meet the different demands of customers. The features of trailer concrete pump is it can be dragged by a car, then the safe use should be pay attention to. What are the dragging requirements of the trailer concrete pumps? Let us discuss it now!
concrete trailer pumps for sale

When dragging the concrete trailer pumps for sale, the fuselage should be stable, driving safe and reliable, travel speed should less than 16km/h. The requirements of the safety device and appearance quality of concrete pump include:
1. Hopper should be equipped with a screen.
2. The hydraulic system should have a pressure indicating table, fill nitrogen to the the accumulator and achieve the required pressure according to the provisions, the pressure vessel warning signs should be set near accumulator.
3. The transmission parts should be equipped with a protective cover.
4. The dimensions shall comply with the provisions of the relevant regulations of the State Transportation Regulations.
5. Hood and guard should be flat, the edge should not have obvious wrinkles, hood installation should be solid and reliable, should not be skewed.
6. Product signs should be smooth, writing clear, should not have notches, paint stripping, installation should be solid and correct.

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