After purchase a set of concrete batching plant, the next task is no wonder but to install it, during the installation, the most important step is about the installation of electrical system. Because the electrical system is the core of control system, if the production of concrete want to be ensured, such as the efficiency, the quality, the measurement and so on. The stable of electrical system is needed. How do we install the electrical system correctly? Here are the notes step by step!
concrete batching plant
1. Install the operation indoor console, power cabinets, control cabinets and so on.
2. Install the control cables and motor power cables. During installation, all relays, contactors, switches, starters shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for drawings or components.
3. Install the control cables of every parts, the cable should be laying in the cable tray, arranged neatly, no cross, and hang cable note.
4. Install the electric flute, bell and grounding, lightning protection device. During grounding device installation, we should pay attention to if the grounding control network layout is reasonable, dig around 2m deep pit around the control room, mixer main body and cement silo, with 1.5m long round steel pipe (Φ50) into the ground with flat iron connection backfill and compacted. The Lightning protection device should be safe and reliable.
5. Install the limit device of every movement parts, before installation, ensure that all the limit switch should be effective limit and responsive reliable.
6. Install of the lighting of control room and the workplace, ensure adequate light for construction operations.

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