How to Choose a Suitable Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

The trailer mounted concrete pump is a frequently applied concrete delivery machine which greatly enhances working efficiency in modern construction projects. All purchasers hope to get a pump with all necessary advantages. Then how to choose a trailer concrete pump that is really suitable for you? As a professional concrete pump supplier in China, we believe you need to pay attention to technical parameters, maximum output, mechanical design and strength of the manufacturer.

trailer mounted concrete pump

Regular technical parameters of a trailer mounted concrete pump comprise output pressure, pumping capacity, power and distribution valve type. Most trailer concrete pumps have functions for changeable output quantity within two or five scopes. The mechanical design refers to the type of pump adopted. Generally plunger pumps of stable power are adopted, and some pumps have a function of high pressure switch. Strength of the manufacturer proves to be the most important factor, because it actually impacts the other three factors. Powerful manufacturers are able to provide pumps of good mechanical properties and high quality components. Besides, price and after sales service are also crucial. Generally speaking, powerful suppliers give higher price offers because they normally adopt components of good properties. Otherwise they won’t be able to keep the reputation for their brand. After-sales service proves to be even more important in international business than domestic deals, because it’s much more difficult to make complaints and even harder to get your complaints responded satisfyingly. Therefore, suppliers offering excellent after-sales service are always worth choosing.


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