How to Choose Suitable Concrete Batching Plants

As a manufacturer of concrete batching plants for decades we advise buyers to take the following aspects into account.

First, please be clear about the mark number of targeted concrete. A concrete batching plants supplier will recommend products with corresponding mixer to you. For example, if you will use the plant for water conservancy project, you have to choose a plant with a forced mixer. In addition, you should know what types of raw material you will use so that suppliers will be able to pick suitable grading stations and storage silos. Second, please tell your supplier the total amount of concrete you need to produce and your working period. Based on this information they will decide the capacity of suitable concrete batching plants. Besides, it would be better if you can provide information about delivery way and vehicle capacity, which helps a supplier to make decision in a more precise way.
concrete batching plants

Third, also the most complicated one, please consider construction environment and working targets. If you need large amount of concrete for every pouring without any backup concrete batching plants nearby, you had better choose a plant with double mixers. If it takes a long time for maintenance workers to get to the construction site, you should either choose double mixers or prepare sufficient spare components for possible working failures. If you have several targeted pouring projects in different yet not very distant places, we recommend you to use one concrete batching plant to supply concrete for all of the projects, which is more cost-efficient for you. With variable exchange rate and production cost, it’s difficult to give an offer here for international purchasers. If you have a buying demand for concrete batching plants, welcome to contact for more information. We cannot guarantee that you will buy from us, but we can assure you that we will serve you with our decades of manufacturing and more than ten years of exporting experience.

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