How to Operate Concrete Batching Plants Safely (Chapter One)

As known to all, in spite of their high efficiency over traditional manual work, concrete batching plants poses a challenge to workers in operation. Normally no worker is allowed to get into the construction site without keeping operation guideline in mind. There are rules before and during operation. Today we are talking about guidelines before operation.
concrete batching plants

First, concrete batching plants should be installed on a definitely stable base. Second, the operation platform for the mixer should be arranged in such a way that operators can see working states of all units. A piece of rubber sheet or dry wood plate should be placed under an electric mixer. Third, a layer of buffered wood plate should be placed between the hoppers and the ground so that the shock of the impact can be reduced when the hoppers get to the lowest place. Fourth, the following aspects should be checked before starting concrete batching plants:

A. Rise and fall rate of voltage should be within 5% in accordance with rated value.

B. Connection wires for the motor and electric components should be firm. Resistance of protective connecting neutral or protecting earthing should accord with relative rules.

C. All connecting parts, working equipment and brakes must be stable and workable. The protective covers for exposed gears and belt rollers should remain intact.

D. Quality and quantity of oil in the gear box should be in accordance with relative rules.

E. Self-protective equipment of the air compressor should be in workable state, and the air pressure should be stable between 0.5Mpa and 0.7Mpa.

F. Measuring hoppers should be in free state without any interruption.

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