How to use the trailer pump concrete correctly

Many friends may know that the trailer pump concrete is used for pumping concrete effectively. But do you know to to use it correctly? Do you know how to dear with the fault while working? If you do not know, I am so pleased to tell you about it. Before pumping concrete, pumping water for lubricate the pipeline, check whether the pipe is sealed, whether there is water leakage, and then pumping mortar through the pipeline. After ensure the mortar has open the pipeline, stirred the remaining concrete fully and then pump normally. When start or stop pumping concrete, should contact with the front-end operator in order to avoid accidents.
trailer pump concrete
During pumping process, the concrete should be guaranteed above the mixing axis, empty suction or empty pumping is not allowed. The operator should pay attention to hydraulic oil temperature, rise to 50C should start air-cool for heat dissipation, if the oil temperature continues rising to more than 80C, the operator should stop the machine to do inspection. Ensure every lubricating point has good lubrication condition. If the trailer pump concrete need suspend pumping for a long time, we must open the pump every 10 to 20 minutes, anti-pump for 1 – 2 strokes, and then positive pump for 1-2 strokes, in order to prevent the concrete condensate in the pipe. Pay attention to the pressure gauge, if the pump pressure suddenly increased, we should open the anti pump button immediately for 2 – 3 stroke, then positive pump, if pump pressure is still too high, the pipe is plugging, we should stop the pump for plugging treatment.

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