Concrete mixer truck for sale is one of the important equipment of “one plant and three trucks” in construction engineering project. It undertakes the task of transporting concrete from the concrete batching plant to the construction site safely, reliably and efficiently. Because of its dual functions of transportation and agitation, the concrete will not be isolated within a certain range of transport radius, so that concrete mixer truck has been widely used. Now Concrete mixer truck has become a necessary equipment in construction site already, and we can see it on the road every day.

concrete mixer truck for sale

As the concrete mixer truck is used frequently, the maintenance is a key problem. During daily using, the concrete mixer truck should have routine maintenance every week. The maintenance content is: check the stirring tank residual concrete condensation, if the concrete is coagulated, the driver should stop the machine and remove the coagulate concrete immediately. Inspect the gape of stirring blade and the lining board, if is not suitable, we can adjust it to normal situation. Check whether the gas system has leak, whether the motion of the cylinder is reliable. Inspect the lubricating oil quality and level in gearbox, if necessary fill or replace the oil. Inspect whether the water supply system suction valve is reliable, check whether the electrical components are damaged, repair or replacement them when necessary, check whether the connection line ofconcrete mixer truck for sale is loose, unscrew the seal to check the seal condition of the shaft end, if there is no abnormal, then block the screw.

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