Simple Introduction to Ready Mix Concrete Plant HZS60

I. Productivity of ready mix concrete plant HZS60

As know to all, ready mix concrete plant HZS60 produces 60 metric meters’ concrete per hour, which is, however, a theoretical productivity. Practical productivity has something to do with concrete working state and conditions.

II. Floor space of ready mix concrete plant HZS60

The size of HZS60 is about 28445mm*10595mm*18704mm, so theoretically its floor area should at least be about 304.4 square meters (28445mm*10595mm).
ready mix concrete plant HZS60

III. Profit from ready mix concrete plant HZS60

The profit may vary in different regions since each region has its own price for power consumption and finished concrete. Let’s take China for example. Generally speaking one HZS60 brings 7 million RMB ($1.07 million) per year, under the condition that the plant works for 8 hours per day and 300 days per year. In this way, an HZS60, producing concrete of 100 thousand metric meters a year, helps to get its cost back in two months.

IV. Main parameters of ready mix concrete plant HZS60

Circulating period: 60 seconds

Mixer motor power: 2*18.5kw

Mixer capacity: 1000L

Maximum diameter of aggregates: 80mm

Coal ash silo capacity: 2*50t

Grading station capacity: 1600L

Aggregate storage bin: 3*17m3

Aggregate types: 3

Discharging height: 3.8m

V. Price of ready mix concrete plant HZS60

With variable exchange rate and production cost, it’s difficult to give an offer here for international purchasers. If you have a buying demand, welcome to contact or just leave messages for more information. We cannot guarantee that you will buy from us, but we can assure you that we will serve you with our decades of manufacturing and more than ten years of exporting experience.

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