The basic structure of trailer concrete pump

The trailer concrete pump is one kind of the concrete machinery, used for transporting and pouring of concrete construction work. In the construction of modern high-rise buildings, the use frequency of concrete machinery is highest. Now Haomei Machinery will introduce the information of trailer concrete pump to you. The trailer concrete pump is mainly composed of main power system, pump system, hydraulic and electric control system. The main power system. The impulsion of trailer concrete pump has two types – diesel engine and motor. The advantage of diesel engine pump is adaptable, in some construction sites, the power supply can’t satisfy the requirement of high power, because of to the the large displacement concrete pump, the power requirements are general more than 100 kw, the diesel engine can not consider the power supply problem. This is why diesel engine pump has been the favor of the customers. While the advantage of electric engine is low price, at the same time, the noise is small, to the increasing requirements of environmental protection of urban construction, the motor pump is more appropriate.

trailer concrete pump

The pumping system. This system is the actuator of trailer concrete pump for continuous transport the concrete mixing content along the pipeline conveyor to the scene of the casting. Under normal circumstances, the pumping condition has high pressure small displacement and low pressure large displacement two transmission mode, the user can according to the engineering demands of concrete conveying height (or distance) and the displacement to make reasonable choice. The switch of high pressure and low pressure has methods of replace the hose, valve block position, rotation and manual reversing valve, etc., most of the new products adopt fully automatic high and low voltage switching technology, rotating electric control button, the switch can be completed in an instant, fast and convenient. In addition, new products adopt the technology of automatic output piston, when press the button, the concrete piston can be returned to the cistern, using this technology can greatly shorten the time of the concrete piston installation, reduce the labor intensity of operators, at the same time, any necessary time, you may pull off concrete abrasion to check for piston seal of concrete, or for cleaning and maintenance, and extend the service life of the piston.

The hydraulic and electric control system. Hydraulic system has open system and closed system. The open system with advantages of low hydraulic oil temperature and high cleanliness degree. The closed system with advantages of small hydraulic tank and compact structure, most of domestic products adopt these two systems. General electric control system adopts PLC control, some of them even equipped with text display and touch button, has the good man-machine communication interface. The monitors which distributed in all parts of the concrete pump send signals to PLC controller, PLC controller via text display shows the working state of concrete pump. When abnormal, the system started immediately, with the protection of the program to protect concrete pump from damage, at the same time the text display shows the cause of the problem, can be convenient for fault diagnosis and maintenance.

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