Common Faults of Mini Mobile Batching Plants:

1. Aggregate Silo Not Feeding: Bulk or freezing aggregate blocks up the discharging door.

2. Batching Machine can not be opened or closed conveniently: 1. Be stuck by bulk aggregate; 2. The force of cylinder is so low; 3. Deformed discharging door

3. Over-heated hoisting motor caused that the gap of braking device is unreasonable.

4. Cement in Cement silo can not be fed: 1. Something other is blending into the cement; 2. Cement is lumpy in cement silo; 3. Cement arch

5. The sand weighing system is not accuracy yet:1. Measuring bucket is not in a level line; 2. Something wrong sensor; 3. Metering bucket rack reached for the ground.

6. Pneumatic control system and main element is not sensitive or short life: 1. Pneumatic control system path is into leakage. 2. Inaccurate pneumatic pressure; 3. Pneumatic control system path is too small or long.

7. Mixing device can not run automatically: 1. Pneumatic control system fault; 2. Computer control system;3. Limit switch fault