Wear parts for a mobile concrete batching plant

  A mobile concrete batching plant is more and more frequently applied, but there will be many problems need to pay attention to when using, especially some easily damaged objects of concrete mixing plant, what are they? Wear parts for a mobile concrete batching plant include mixing blades and panels, conveying belt, sealing strips, filter elements etc.

  1. Mixing blades and liners. The mixing blade and lining plate are generally made of wear-resistant cast iron, and the accessories need to be replaced according to the requirements of the manual.

  2. Conveyor belt. Due to the bad load and service conditions, the conveyor belt is easy to be aged or damaged. If it affects the production, it needs to be replaced in time.

  3. The sealing strip of the discharge door of the main engine. After the seal strip of the main discharge door of the concrete mixing station is worn, the discharge door moves up. Assuming that adjusting the position of the discharge door can not compress the sealing strip, and can not deal with leakage problems such as slurry leakage, it indicates that the sealing strip is seriously worn and it is necessary to replace it.

  4. Filter element in powder tube dust collector. After cleaning the filter element, the dust removal effect is still poor, so it is necessary to replace the filter element of the dust collector.

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