Points you should learn in purchasing mobile concrete plants

  As more and more customers are willing to buy mobile concrete batching plants, we find it necessary to share the matters that need to be paid attention to in your purchasing, so that you will be able to get cheap and quality plants.

  What’s special about a mobile concrete batching plant in configuration?

  The overall price of the mobile mixing plant is relatively high. For example, Haomei’s quotation for a stationary HZS35 mixing plant is only about 150,000, while that for a mobile 35m3 concrete batching plant is about 300,000. This is determined by the equipment composition and design and construction. Moreover, in such a complete set of equipment, many manufacturers only have spirals without supporting cement silos, and require customers to purchase tractor heads themselves. They might not tell you that in advance in fear of loosing a business. When you receive the plant, however, you would find out the problem immediately. Therefore, do ask whether there are cement silos in the configuration first. And if you don’t need silos, you can equip silos for a concrete mobile batching plant by yourself, which takes skill and time, though.

mobile concrete batching plant

  The batching method of a mobile mixing plant is a bit different

  Because in the mobile mixing plant, the batching machine is used to feed the materials through the belt conveyor, but because of the good angle design, it will not take up too much space. However, the transportation efficiency of the belt must be strictly investigated. We know that the belt conveyor The greater the angle of the machine, the more likely it is that material will be scattered, which will affect the mixing quality.

  The light spot about a mobile mixing plant is its strong mobility

  The mobile capacity is reflected in the transportation status of the mobile concrete batching plant, so the design must be easy to move. The previous mobile mixing plant has a relatively sluggish overall structure and needs to remove a large number of ladders and outriggers, which is very inconvenient. The mobile mixing plant is very convenient during movement. The supporting control room can be quickly collected under the belt conveyor. It is very convenient to simply remove a few legs to carry out transportation.

  Haomei stationary and mobile mixing plants are currently complete in models, and ready in stock. If you need any kind of mixing plant, welcome to contact us at april@concretebatchplant24.com for the most complete parameters and the latest quotation!

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