The Innovation of Haomei Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Asphalt drum mix plant is one of the continuous asphalt plant, which is widely used worldwide, especially in North America, South America, France,etc., occupying a considerable market share. It can produce up to 1000t/h, which is more suitable for large projects.

There are two worries about continuous asphalt mixing plant: one is that it is not easy to meet the demand for a large proportion of recycled materials; it may needs frequently to adjust scale when deals with commercial multi-formulation asphalt mixtures.

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant
Asphalt drum mix plant

Based on these two points, Haomei Aluminum newly developed continuous asphalt mixing plant can relieve users of the above worries. The drying drum has drying and mixing functions, and has large output, low energy consumption, and no screening and other components. The entire system is easy to operate.

This asphalt drum mix plant breaks the traditional design of independent batch type and continuous mixing mode and achieves full coverage of all asphalt mixture mixing conditions. The drying drum is arranged in the mixing zone. When dealing with continuous mixing, recycled materials, asphalt, etc. can be directly added to the drum for continuous drying and mixing operations. In the batch mixing process, the drum is only used for drying, and the dried material is sent to the original batch asphalt mixing plant by the elevator.

The filling metering adopts the advanced double-chamber double-scale method with more accurate metering. The cold storage bin is equipped with a high-precision belt scale to measure aggregates in real time during transportation; at the same time, the drum imports have a secondary calibration function.

Haomei asphalt drum mix plant can realize the free switching of continuous or batch production. Welcome to send inquiry directly to

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