How to Install Concrete Silos of Batching Plant

As the storage equipment for batching plants, concrete silos usually stand by the controlling platform. Before you put a batching plant into use, you have to install its components right, or else the plant maybe damaged during operation. In extreme cases there might be injuries. To install concrete silos of batching plant correctly, you are recommended to pay attention to the following notes.
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First, the silo should not be inclined during installation. Make sure the supporting legs won’t be deformed, in case of which, there will be huge safety problems after the installation. Second, learn about the weather conditions in advance. In case of strong winds or even thunders, special measures must be taken to protect concrete silos under installation, because separate parts of a batching plant are not powerful enough to withstand strong exterior influences. Of course, the case would be totally different once the installation work is finished. Third, the rear ends of supporting legs concrete silos of concrete batching plant must be welded firmly onto the foundation embedded parts so that the silos will be able to stand stably even in severe weather conditions. Fourth, the foundation base must be strong and well made in accordance with relative building rules. If the base is not strong enough, the silos might fall down after being installed, which would be extremely dangerous for both the plant and its operators. Fifth, it’s forbidden to strike strongly against supporting legs or silo bodies since that may lead to damage to the silos.

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