The trailer concrete pump of HAOMEI Machinery is characterized by its high performance, which is benefit by the shape of the hopper and the diameter of the delivery cylinder and the performance of the main pump. On the basis of mature electric commutation technology, trailer concrete pump with high performance greatly improved the reliability of the machine and makes sure it can work in any hard conditions. While with good performance, the reasons why haomei trailer concrete pump is mainly about the design and structure, so let us learn about it together.

trailer concrete pump

High material suction, the new design of circular hopper and mixing blade, no mixing dead ends, no accumulation of materials, charging smoothly, inclined wide-type leaves can be adapted to different formulations of commercial concrete inhalation. Large diameter cylinder (Ø200mm), more suitable for on-site mixing, large aggregate (maximum aggregate diameter up to 4 ~ 5cm) commercial concrete transport, less prone to blocking phenomenon, pumping rate greatly improved. High pumping capacity, the use of Japan technology hydraulic pump and the German hydraulic valve, pumping pressure to 8MPa. High life period of the wearing parts. Through the application of new materials and new technology, the service life of wearing parts is significantly improved. The new cloth rubber conveyor piston, ordinary polyurethane piston life of 2 to 3 times.

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