Two Types of Concrete Batch Plants in China

Although we have discussed classification of concrete batch plant twice before, in China there is still a local classification method by which one type is called concrete batch building yet the other concrete batch station. Generally speaking, the former is of smaller scale while the latter is of larger scale. The structures of a station are simpler than those of a building because it has fewer systems. A station is such a concrete batch plant that it has aggregate stock bin at the top of the plant and the aggregates go straightly into the mixer after being weighed. While for a building the aggregate stock bin is below, sometimes a little distant from, the mixer so that aggregates, after being weighed, have to be sent by an inclined belt conveyor or a lift to the mixer. Thus a station saves several steps of process in comparison with a building. Simply speaking, a concrete batch plant with one time of lift of aggregates is called station, while that with two times of lifts is building.
concrete batch plant

Owing to the fact that a station has its aggregate stock bin at the top of the concrete batch plant, it’s featured by huger steel body and longer inclination belts, but it beats a building with a 20% faster efficiency. Moreover, a building may be faced with more energy consumption and higher failure rate, because its inclination belt conveyor has to be started more frequently, while a station, with less such trouble, works more smoothly. However, a smaller body has its own advantages. It’s much easier to dismantle and move a building than a station, which is usually installed at a fixed site for large scale construction. Thus clients should take both efficiency and mobility into account while choosing suitable concrete batch plants.

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