Concrete Portable Batch Plant for Road Building

Twenty years ago there was a jingle in China saying “Get a road before getting rich”. The sentence, printed on the outside surfaces of house walls in the countryside around the country as a political slogan, means if the government want to make a remote region rich, it must help to build roads connecting the region to the outside world. It is indeed the case. Road building is so important for development of any country that it is always placed on the top of priorities. In the past it mainly depended on manual work to build a road, but now no road building can avoid applying concrete portable batch plant.

concrete portable batch plant
concrete portable batch plant

A concrete portable batch plant saves lots of manual work in road building. Workers used to mix sand and cement with shoves, which took a long time yet was difficult to produce evenly mixed concrete. After mixing they loaded a small wheelbarrow with finished concrete again using shovels and pushed the wheelbarrow to destination places. Then they removed the concrete from the wheelbarrow onto the ground and made them into a given thickness of layer. Now all the steps above can be replaced by a concrete portable batch plant. Workers only need to spread the concrete sent from the plant on the ground. After finishing a stretch of road, the concrete portable batch plant moves to the next section conveniently. Flexible design and small body enables the plant moves from place to place quickly for any temporary project.

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