How to clean the radiator of concrete mixer trucks

In the process of working, due to corrosion, fouling and other reasons, the cooling effect of concrete mixer trucks radiator will be affected. Cleaning the radiator and removing the scale is an effective way to restore the cooling capacity of the radiator. When maintain the concrete mixer truck, the engine’s cooling system must be cleaned. If the scale is not too much, we can use water to rinse. The rinse of the radiator and the engine water jacket should be carried out separately.

concrete mixer trucks

Remove the thermostat in advance, and block the bypass hole of outlet elbow above the cylinder cover, with a special rinse gun, if supply water and compressed air at the same time, the flushing effect is better. The direction of the flushing water should be the opposite of the direction of the water when the engine is in operation. To reduce the scale, add soft water into the cooling system is better, when used at low temperatures, it is better to add antifreeze. If the concrete mixer trucks radiator has much scale, you should use chemical cleaning agent, that is, use of acid or alkali substances which has chemical reaction with scale, the formation of water-soluble substances to remove the scale. When cleaning, it is better to use the recycling method, that is first using acidic solution for washing, and then rinse with alkaline solution. When cleaning, the cleaning agent need to a certain pressure (usually 10l (Pa), usually after 3 ~ 5 min can be cleaned.

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