Safe Operation System of Concrete Batching Plant Philippines

concrete batching plant philippines
concrete batching plant philippines

To ensure the concrete batching plant philippines safety, ensure the concrete batching plant philippines normal operation and operator’s personal safety, to ensure the normal supply of concrete material timely, and hereby formulated management system.

Concrete batching plant philippines operators should have a high sense of responsibility, in strict accordance with the specification requirement in the operation. And it is strictly prohibited to irrelevant personnel optional near, operation mixing equipment.

Second, take good care of public facilities in concrete batching plant philippines, lost damage in accordance with relevant provisions, compensation for punishment.

Third, implement the rules and regulations.

Four, earnestly implement the handing-over system. Operators on time the handing-over in the field. The driver should be trained to acknowledge the detailed introduction and suggestions; Carry on the driver if there is unfavorable carry on signs, it is strictly prohibited to take shift, and ask for instructions relevant competent personnel.

Five, it is strictly prohibited to adjust PLY batching control box parameters, if we need to adjust, must report to the relevant departments for approval.

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