The structure composition of concrete mixer for sale

The structure composition of concrete mixer for sale can be divided into three parts: feeding system, mixing system and discharge system. Let HAOMEI Machinery introduce them to you one by one. The feeding system composed by the hoisting mechanism, feeding rack, hopper, feed mouth and other components. Upon the loading frame is equipped with a limit switch, the upper limit has two limit switches, provide safety protection on the hopper up the limit. The upper part of the upper rack is foldable.

concrete mixer for sale

The mixing system is composed of motor, pulley, reducer, open gear, stirring cylinder mixing device, oil supply device and so on. The motor directly connected with the cycloid reducer, reducer output shaft drive the horizontal configuration stirring shaft reverse speed rotation through the open gear were. The arc part of the concrete mixer is welded, five kinds liners are set in into the mixing cylinder, they are connection fastening with cylinder by countersunk head screw.

The discharge system is composed by the hopper, air pump, reversing valve, sub-valve, cylinder, electrical and other institutions. The unloading door installed in the bottom of the mixer, through the cylinder to achieve pneumatic discharge, but also to control the opening and closing position of the discharge gate, by adjusting the location of the seal can ensure that the discharge door seal. The unloading manual operation lever is for emergency discharge when power failure or cylinder failure, it should be removed to prevent wounding normally.

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