How to maintain concrete pump truck

Because the concrete pump truck has hydraulic system, distributing boom, distributing pipe, landing legs, oil tank, it’s wear and tear is higher than a single mixer or pump. So we have to take more measures to maintain it, or the service life of the concrete pump truck will be reduced greatly!

concrete pump truckconcrete pump trucks

There are about six aspects of concrete pump truck maintenance.
1. Clean the adhesive concrete, sand and other debris inside and outside the concrete pump truck equipment, so that make the equipment keep clean.
2. The inner tools and parts should be neatly arranged to facilitate the use.
3. In accordance with the instructions to do the operation, do not use the equipment overload.
4. In cold season, after the completion of the operation, use water to clean the pipe and the pump, so as not to frozen the pipe and pump.
5. Before starting the equipment, check the various controllers, after the construction, clean the boom for 10-15 minutes.
6. Ensure that the various parts can not rust, at the same time because the concrete pump truck often work efficiently, check whether the oil pressure is normal, oil quality meet the requirements. In addition, the oil guns, oil cups, need to clean, after the completion, add fuel only after there is no water remains, remember that there can’t have residual water in the case of oil refueling, or will cause serious damage to the engine.

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