Operation steps and precautions for concrete mixers for sale

Concrete mixers for sale are the machine that mix cement, aggregate, and water into a concrete mix material. Mainly composed by the mixing cylinder, feeding and unloading institutions, water supply system, the original machine, transmission, rack and support devices and other components. The operation steps and precautions for concrete mixers for sale are as follows.

concrete mixers for sale

First, the concrete mixer operation steps.
1, Set the function switch on the column to “automatic” position, press the controller on the start switch, the entire operation program will automatically control the operation.
2, The operation program stop automatic after the whole process is completed, if it need to stop in the running process, you can press the stop button and then restart.
3, Press the start button, the display began to show the time, slow rate, add sand, fast rate, stop, running lights flash on time.
4, When automatic control, the manual function switch must be set to stop position.
Second, notes of using concrete mixers for sale.
1, Check the gap between the blade and the pot wall with the measurement gauge, the data should be 3mm ± 2mm, if the gap is too poor, you can adjust the upper and lower leaves to reach the required range.
2, After operation every time, the mixing leaves, the pot should be promptly clean, electrical parts should avoid severe vibration, away from the water and high temperature, pay attention to dust.
3, The maintenance is strictly prohibited during operation. When maintain the mixer, you must put the power off, lock the brake box, hanging “strictly prohibited closing” card, and someone to monitor.

Reprinted from: http://www.haomeibatchplant.com/news/concrete-mixers-for-sale.html

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