Pay attention when using concrete mixers for sale

In the course of the using concrete mixers for sale, maybe some problems often occur, so when using concrete mixer, the operator should pay attention to some aspects, it is particularly important to be careful in the inspection before and during work. What are the specific information of Concrete mixer using that we should pay attention to? Here are the answer! Follows are the precautions for use of concrete mixers.

concrete mixers for sale

1. If the concrete mixer is new, then the concrete mixer should be in accordance with the requirements of the manual before use, the system and parts need to be inspection and test run by item. When empty operation, check the direction of rotation of the stirring cylinder or stirring blade, the operation and braking of each working device to be confirmed normal before operation.
2. If the concrete mixer is fixed type, it should be installed on a solid bench. When used for a long time, the anchor bolts should be embedded. If it is for short-term use, layout the sleeper under the base and leveling stable.
3. If the concrete mixer is mobile type, it should be installed on a flat hard floor with a square or stent rack, and keep the level tire is not force. If the use of time more than three months, the tire should be properly unloaded to ensure that the end of the shaft should be clean anti-rust work.
4. If the concrete mixers for sale need to dig the hopper pit, around the pad should be tightened to prevent the ground water into the pit. The bottom end of the loading track frame shall be compacted or tiled, and the back of the frame shall be supported by wood to prevent deformation of the working rail.


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