Is the steel plate of concrete mixer the thicker the better

As a professional concrete mixer manufacturer, we contact a lot of clients, during the conversation, what they asked of the equipment is no wonder that how much money, how thick is the steel plate, aluminum or copper wire is the motor and so on, especially for the concrete mixer steel plate thickness, they think the mixer steel plate must be as thick as possible, but this is a wrong thought. Of course I understand why customers will choose the thicker steel plate when they do not understand of the product, but since we are professional concrete mixer supplier, we will help you to get out of this mess.
concrete mixer
We all know the function of the concrete mixer is mainly used to mixing concrete, the concrete contains sand, stone and cement, the material of concrete will cause wear of the mixing barrel, so theoretically using thicker plate will extend the service life of concrete mixer. But it is not the mixer barrel thicker the better. Because if the mixer bucket is too thick, the load of the machine will increase, the rack capacity will increase, the energy consumption will increase also. If you are going to buy concrete mixer used to stir the feed or some other relatively soft material, because itself is not too big wear, when choosing the mixer, there is no need to choose the thicker cylinder. Therefore, it does not mean that the thicker steel mixer is better, the most important is appropriate for using, not only to meet the engineering needs, but also not increase the energy consumption or increase production costs.

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