The advantages of mobile concrete batching plant

Application of the concrete mixing plant is more and more extensive, range form rural houses to large national construction projects, we can see it everywhere. Mobile concrete batching plant is a new product to meet the market demand. The common mobile mixing plant has two model, tractor type and trailer type, the chassis of traction type mobile mixing station containing the full front and rear axle, while the chassis of trailer mobile mixing station only has the rear bridge, the front mounted on the tractor. In addition to the screw conveyor transitions and cement silo, hauling station front can move without removing the other parts. If there are detachable parts, they can be transferred with the station, so it is suitable for some close sites.

mobile concrete batching plantmobile concrete batch plant


The advantages of mobile concrete batching plant are as follows:
1. The compact structure, in the trailer hanging unit concentrated almost all processes of concrete production.
2. The manual-machine interface is user-friendly, work performance is reliable, it can still be stable operation in a variety of harsh environment.
3. The twin shaft compulsory mixer has high continuous operation ability, stirring trajectory is comprehensive, stirring strength is high, stirring evenly and quickly.
4. The complete sets of equipment can be quickly transported to the construction site through the whole hanging form, and assembled on-site without debugging can be constructed.
5. The high degree of automation, strong mobility, simple operation, good stability.
6. The structure is firm, the space layout is compact and reasonable, and the flexibility is guaranteed while the production capacity is guaranteed.
7. The mobile concrete batching plant occupies small area and the transfer movement is convenient, so that the amount of foundation works greatly reduced.

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