The requirement of operator in asphalt mixing plant for sale

The operator of asphalt mixing plant for sale should accumulate a lot of experience to predict most of the mechanical failure, early solution to eliminate hidden dangers. If the failure appears, should be able to accurately determine and timely elimination, ensure the normal use of machinery. In addition, besides proficient in equipment, the operator should also have product quality control knowledge. That is familiar with asphalt mixture temperature, whetstone ratio, gradation, etc, and can be skilled to technical judgments of the mixture, timely analysis and solve the problems of the mixture.

asphalt mixing plant for saleTo finish these work, the operator should not only maintain the machine in time, but also to do the following works:

(1) The operator should always patrol, carefully observed, carefully check the regular exercise parts. Check whether the joints are loose, lubrication is good, the action is flexible, with or without abnormal wear, etc., if any problem founded, it should be solved in time.
(2) When the asphalt mixing plant is in working condition, use the ear to listen, carefully to think about each voice, if there is an abnormal sound, identify the cause and properly handle it.
(3)Be good at identifying a variety of scents. Such as oil temperature is too high, the material temperature overrun, circuit, electrical short and burned, abnormal friction caused by overheating, serious heat by electrical appliances, circuit overload, etc., these will issue different smell, through these smell, expected part of the fault.

In short, the operator should pay attention to check color and smell, through a variety of feelings, with different instruments to understand every abnormal changes, careful analysis, identify the cause, find the hidden dangers. As the structure of asphalt mixing plant for sale is complex, and has a large amount of components, involving electricity, gas control system, asphalt supply system, combustion systems, metering systems, dust removal system and so on. It is very difficult for a new operator to master the parts and accurately judge and eliminate all faults in short time. Therefore, in order to be a good operator, carefully observe, diligent thinking, conscientiously sum up, continue to accumulate experience is needed.

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