The pumping part maintenance of concrete pump truck

As the core of concrete pump truck, the pumping part need more maintenance than other parts. Generally speaking, the maintenance of pumping part can be divided into 6 aspects. Following are the details.

concrete pump truck

1, check the quality and position of hydraulic oil every 8 hours, supply and replace it if necessary, the new hydraulic oil added to the oil tank must be the same grade. Generally pumping 20000 cubic concrete or used for half a year should be completely replace the oil, you must clean the tank before change the oil, and discharge oil from the oil tanks every part.
2, check the position of lubricating oil every 8 hours, recommend the use of non extreme pressure semi fluid grease, there should be oil overflow from the connection of concrete cylinder the water tank, the S tube bearing seat and stirring seat.
3, after pumping for 3000 cubic meter, we should adjust the gap between the lens plate and cutting ring, if it has serious wear, must be replaced immediately. Check whether the concrete piston is sealed well, no mortar seepage into water tank.
4, after pumping for 500 hours, we should check the wear of S pipe and bearing position, and if necessary, replace sleeve and taper sleeve.
5, check the suction filter vacuum gauge instructions of concrete pump truck, if the vacuum table pointer position reached red area ( more than 0.04Mpa), you must replace the filter.
6, in the boot, you must check the various systems, check whether the system pressure is normal, check whether the hydraulic system leakage.

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