Which concrete pump trucks brand is better

The concrete pump trucks have been more and more popular in the modern construction enterprises, many construction units are eager to buy a high cost-effective, high quality, service security products, so which concrete pump trucks brand is better? This is one of the problems many friends want to know. For the construction side, the most important problem is to consider the quality of concrete pump trucks, in addition, the corresponding after-sales service is also very important. So, in the purchase of concrete pump truck, the company’s strength, quality, after sale and price factors should be comprehensive considered. Here we are proud to say, we Haomei Machinery are professional concrete machine manufacturer which can provide you best product and service!

concrete pump trucks

What are the characteristics of Haomei concrete pump trucks? Now let us talk about them!
1, Energy saving and environmental protection, economical and practical. At present, more and more companies have regard the energy saving and environmental protection as one of the goals of sustainable development of concrete pump truck production. And all the vulnerable parts of the Haomei adopt new materials and new technology, the service life has been remarkably improved. At the same time using electric and diesel power type, not only has advantages of strong power, energy saving and environmental protection, reliable and durable, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, full load minimum fuel oil, but also has less vibration and lower noise compared with similar models, it is an ideal model for economic and environmental protection pump truck.
2, Excellent quality, first-class after-sales service In production process, safety is often the first element, so the quality of the concrete pump trucks is very important. In order to ensure the quality of all the pump truck, the main electrical components used global first-class brand products, such as SIEMENS, Turck, Schneider, OMRON, MITSUBISHI and other well-known manufacturers, excellent technology and production process ensure the normal work of the construction site equipment.

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