Where to find asphalt mixing plant near me

The proverb says if one place want to progress to rich, the first thing is about the road, traffic seriously restricted its economic development. Then the asphalt mixing plant is the necessary equipment in the road building project. Many people have this question, where to find asphalt mixing plant near me? How can I but it? How could I know the quality of this asphalt mixing plant? After reading this article, I hope you can find the answer!

asphalt mixing plant near me

1. Excellent mixing properties. Designed and manufactured in accordance with European standards has exceeded the national standards in terms of service life and overload capacity. At present, some models have been exported to Western Europe, which have been widely recognized both at home and abroad. Synchronous driving twin shaft mixer has high mixing ability, rapid mixing rate. Unique discharging door structure, no dead time, no leakage, short discharging time. Dynamic simulation design the structure and layout of the blade and lining plate, so that production efficiency and quality perfect combination.
2, Excellent economic performance. The lowest operating cost, thermal power system design adopts standard system with accurate weighing system, the best matching in fuel consumption, power use etc., save the production cost for you in operation.
3. Modular cold material supply system. With the concept of unit design, the cold aggregate warehouse and belt conveyor can be assembled according to the needs of users to meet the demands. Belt conveyor based on variable frequency speed regulation can be adjusted automatically according to production setting and matching requirements. Flat belt and oblique belt adopts famous brand reducing motor, and equipped with rectifying and adjusting device. When the material is broken, sound and light alarm will working.
4. Efficient and reliable drying heating drum. Using four shaft mounted motor reducer drive dry return drum, drive easily and freely. The optimized feeding blade design makes the heating more uniform and the utilization of heat energy is high. Using rock wool and stainless steel out of the drum for insulation, effectively prevent the loss of heat. Through rigorous calculation and careful heat treatment, the drive drum and imported bearings have long service life, reliable work.

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