Working principle of concrete mixer trucks for sale

With the development of industry and agriculture, the demand for concrete is increasing day by day, and the quality demand of concrete is getting higher and higher. The traditional method of concrete construction has been unable to meet the needs. In the modern construction, the application and promotion of concrete has changed the traditional construction process, changed the method of transport of concrete, there is a huge demand for concrete mixer trucks for sale. The concrete mixer truck not only can complete the task of transfer concrete from batching plant to irrigation site flexible, but also can directly finish mixing transportation and other tasks under certain conditions, without concrete pumps and mixing equipment, and can reduce the project cost and accelerate the construction progress at the same time.

concrete mixer trucks for sale

When it comes the working principle of concrete mixer trucks for sale, I have a lot of words to say. Adopt the way of taking the engine of the original car, taken by the force taking device through the rear end of the engine flywheel. The power is transmitted to the variable piston hydraulic pump through the universal transmission shaft. High pressure oil of hydraulic pump driven quantitative piston motor. The hydraulic quantitative piston motor transfers power to the reducer and drives the mixing cylinder forward or backward rotation to realize feeding agitation and stirring discharging. The output flange of the reducer can be deflected in the range of + 6 DEG, and the displacement of the axis of the mixing cylinder can be compensated, so that the stirring cylinder is not influenced by the deformation of the automobile during the driving process.

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