The boom maintenance of concrete pump truck

The boom is the pipe of pumping concrete from the concrete pump truck to the working site, with different length, the concrete pump truck can be used in different project. So the quality of boom is the core of the concrete pump truck. In daily use, the maintenance of the boom is a very significant step.

concrete pump truck
1, the gear oil in the turntable rotating reducer must be replaced after first use for 100 hours, followed by 1000 hours (or half a year) as every oil change intervals.
2, the lubrication oil of boom and leg hinge, the rotary gear bearing, as well as rotary reduction gear shaft end nozzle should be inspected and oiling every 60 hours of working, lubricating oil use 3# calcium grease.
3, in order to reduce the risk and fault of pumping concrete, the correct diameter and thickness pipe, the right clamp and safety lock must be used.
4, in order to make the wear and tear to be uniform, so that the use life of the pipe is longer, you can regularly rotate the pipe. Every pouring about 5000 cubic meter, straight pipe clockwise turn 120 degrees, bend 180 degrees.
5, after a period of work, the concrete pump truck shall carefully inspect the welds on the turret, boom and outrigger. If there is a weld cracking, contact the after-sale immediately and handle it properly.
6, after the pumping concrete work completed, we should clean the entire concrete pump truck, no residual concrete in the transmission pipe.
7, special warning: in order to ensure the safety of the equipment, the pump is only allowed 4 meters at the front of the hose, connected to any other pipe is forbidden.

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